Lola Morris: Outpatient Therapy After Rotator Cuff Surgery

“Hi, I’m Lola from Iowa.

On December 2nd, I had rotator cuff surgery in Iowa. After that, I started taking my therapy right there in Cedar Falls, IA. But my husband, Tom, and I are “Winter Texans.” I wanted to find a place that was reputable, and sure enough, I found Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.

I am so pleased! From the very beginning, when I first contacted them via the telephone, they were very courteous and prompt with answering all of my questions. I faxed the necessary documents to them, and received a prompt return phone call confirming they received my paperwork and had my insurance approved.

I started my therapy here on December 30th, and everything went so well. Each time I went to therapy, every staff person was professional and welcomed me with a smile. I definitely felt like I formed new friendships with each of them. My therapy sessions were very well planned and each exercise was described thoroughly so I could execute it with maximum results. They started me with all the easier exercises because I couldn’t even hardly move my arm. And now I’m moving my arm up and around and just having an easy time of it, because of the therapy that I received here.

Not only me, but I saw the [inpatient] residents here, that have come after being hospitalized and before they can go home. And watched the therapists work with them and people like me, an outpatient. And they were kind and courteous and respectful of everyone.

I am so pleased with my therapy here at Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation Hospital and would recommend it to anyone needing therapy!”